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We're looking for some +1's in the Hong Kong office.  Check out the team on our last work retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  We worked/watched Game of Thrones at The Brick co-working space, lived in a really big Airbnb house (with a house cat) and ate/drank anything thrown in front of us.

The next one is either Bangkok, Taiwan or Vietnam.  We'll vote by December.  Maybe you'll be casting a ballot as well...

Software Engineer – Hong Kong

ESCHR Holdings LTD


ESCHR is a Software Product Organization & Holding Company (Gum) focused on developing, launching & managing SaaS Products in the Computer Vision space.  ESCHR supports & provides access to cloud-based computer vision tools for firms seeking to add computer vision functionality to existing products. 

ESCHR, a wholly-owned & managed PaaS, supports cloud-based computer vision products.  The platform currently supports 2 live, in-house products (RunnerTag, SearchXSelfie) & 1 product in development (Miro Visual Search).  On track to process more than 1.4MM objects in 2017, ESCHR is looking for a Software Engineer to join its Hong Kong leadership team.  This role will work alongside the Founder, CTO, Project Manager & Engineering Partner to lead development within AWS on a mostly serverless stack (API-Gateway, Lambda, S3, DynamoDB)


  • (70%) SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: Writes great code. Develops integrations with common platforms (Shopify, BigCommerce,Magento). Deploys, itearates & innovates within existing codebase. 
  • (10%) PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT:  Works with UX resources, Founders & CTO to iron out features & proposes features to product roadmap as they come up.
  • (10%) DOCUMENTATION & PRESENTATION: Directs creation of documentation & materials related to product function, features, UX/UI as needed.  Presents created materials to vendor teams & clients as needed.
  • (5%) CLIENT-FACING/PUBLIC -FACING: Directly addresses large, key clients on escalated software execution tasks; leads discussions from an ESCHR perspective related to technology/platform & implementation. Attends events (local & abroad) and represents ESCHR (along with other team members); presents technical/product materials in public forums; represents ESCHR within developer community.
  • (5%) PROCESS: Participates in testing process, code-review & driving forward development policy.  Works with greater product team to direct issue-management & Agile process (JIRA or similar).  Leads (partial) stand-ups with internal & external developers toward bi-weekly sprint goals.

As ESCHR is a start-up business with plans to launch a production version of its core product,  the Software Engineer role will adopt a greater breadth of duties than a comparable developer position in other companies. Process diligence for future scale, ownership of key technology decisions & strong desire to deliver the best product possible are critical competencies for this role. That said, best-fit for this position will be a software engineer with the desire to grow into a Director of Technology, team-management role as the team grows.



  • 4+ years software development experience and a Bachelors of Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Information Technology or equivalent experience
  • 2+ years of high-scale system design experience in either an architecture or code capacity
  • Ability to read/write code & comfortably plan execution/features in accordance with known limitations/provisions due to coding knowledge/experience (primarily JS, Python, PHP & Java)
  • Advanced command of Python, server-side JavaScript; Intermediate command of Java, PHP, HTML/CSS
  • Familiarity & Experience with contemporary Node development and Javascript Frameworks (Vue.js, Angular, React)
  • Intermediate-to-Expert familiarity with AWS administration, AWS cloud products & competing products (Azure, GCS)
  • Intermediate familiarity with Serverless Architecture components, specifically API Gateway, AWS Lambda & AWS DynamoDB
  • Experience working within developmentteams delivering highly scalable, consumer-facing products; 100k+ daily users
  • Experience writing unit test and automated testing systems, defining end-end functional test scripts & working with outsourced teams to perform these tests
  • Experience developing REST API documentation & API Security Requirements
  • Native English Language skills (written & spoken)
  • Experience with Microsoft Office Suite (PPT,XLS,DOC)
  • Experience working in git, shell, JIRA, Trello, Slack
  • Passport and clearance for international travel


  • Experience working with Adobe Photoshop & other image editing software
  • Valid China VISA (unimpeded travel to/from People’s Republic of China)
  • Valid International Driver’s License


  • Equity stake in the Holding Company with 100% ownership of ESCHR & other Gum Products (current & future)
    • Equity Offer is provided separate from Employment agreement
  • Choice of rig (PC or MAC), software & smartphone (contract paid by Gum)
  • Flexible vacation & personal day policy 
  • Research to implementation business environment – opportunity to spend time researching new tools, technologies for use on current & future products
  • Opportunity to lead technology decisions for global products (EU,US,ASIA); 
  • Flexible hours (amorphous work schedule), including work from home/remote locations
  • International travel and regional deployment opportunities (Europe, United States, SEA, AU/NZ)
  • Twice-yearly retreats for engineering/product team to destinations in SEA/Greater China with significant other/+1


  • There will be late nights: deployments & conference calls with global employees occur at odd hours once per week
  • There will be weekend work; attendance flexibility is afforded during the week to account for weekend working requirements
  • Global alignment is necessary; you will regularly interface with employees working in different time zones.  Availability for quick comment in off hours is necessary & expected
  • You may be asked to travel to one or more of our clients’ offices in North America, Europe or Australia/NZ

This position reports to the CTO & will with work with a partner development team of 3-8 based in Hong Kong/Philippines.

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